European Patent Attorney -  

With more than 10 years of experience in filing, prosecuting and - at the level of granted patents - defending/challenging patent rights at the European Patent Office (The Hague & Munich), we are at your service as duly registered European Patent Attorney.

 Our firm`s technical speciality is synthetic organic chemistry, in particular polymer science /coatings/plastics (PE, PP, mLLDPE, additivated/compounded materials etc.), materials science/chemical nanotechnology, asymmetric organic synthesis,  protection group chemistry esp. in SPPS and carbohydrate  synthesis,   enzyme catalysis/industrial biotransformation of chemicals, enzyme engineering/PCR ,  diagnostic assays, as well as process chemistry, ranging from high-pressure radical or catalytic polymerisation of ethylene to downstream purification of biopharmaceuticals or industrial food processing.  - We are  member of the Swiss Chemical Society (


Reiss Hürlimann -  European Patent Attorney

USt.-Nr. DE276630161

(P.O. B.: Postfach 2140, DE-63243 Neu-Isenburg)

Service offer approved under the  German Legal Services Federal Act (2008) by the OLG Frankfurt (Higher Court of) as the federal state`s regulatory authority.


Office Address Switzerland:

REISS HÜRLIMANN - Patentanwalt (CH) & Europ. PA

Innere Margarethenstr. 5 , Office Center/5th floor

CH-4051 Basel



Fax: +49-(0)3222 16 03466 (confidential, attorney direct)

Fon DE: +49- (0)-151 506 11 673

Fon CH: +41-(0)79 157 02 78




`European Patent Attorney` is a  professional title  protected in English both under German and Swiss law.

`Patent Attorney`  is a professional title protected under Swiss law, in all language versions (Patentanwalt/Conseil en brevets/etc) including its English version.  -Under our Swiss Office address, we  provide services as registered Swiss Patent and Trademark Attorney, including legal representation at the Swiss Federal Administrative Court (upon appeal on Trademark, SPC and Design registration issues, notably in appeal on trademark opposition cases)  and  at the Swiss Federal Patent Court. Under revised Swiss law (in force since 2012), we are statutorily vested with full, uncompromised legal privilege , set equal to a lawyer,  conferring document privilege to attorney-client communications as such  both under criminal and civil law (cp. our swiss office section).


Dr. G. Reiss-Hürlimann is further registered  as an  admitted representative on the bar roll kept at the Swiss Federal Patent Court at St. Gallen,Switzerland, pursuant  to Art. 4 of the Court Rules (, phone +41 58 705 20 10).

 We  are particularly experienced in conducting oral proceedings as your legal representative in opposition and/or appeal on-site before the EPO at The Hague or Munich.

 Inventor-Employee remuneration issues:

Concomittant with filing European patent applications , we are experienced with putting the  German employee-inventor remuneration law into practice, which -  at the level of filing a patent application -  provides for mandatory administrative actions assigning proprietorship from Inventor to Employer . Similiarly harsh provisions exist under French law, but not under Swiss law.  It is  for undesired legal consequences that the issue of assigning inventorship should not be handled with negligence or misplaced generosity - especially in crossborder collaborations, with foreign affilitates of Swiss corporations  or in licensing. We take care to  protect your best interest!


EU unitary patent

The forthcoming EU unitary patent shall be applied for, granted and administered by the European Patent Office, hopefully as early as 2014. Hence, it shall be existing European Patent Attorney Profession who is in charge of the patenting process. Patent Opposition at the EPO, to newly granted EP/EU patents, shall remain the cheaptest and most powerful Instrument to fight newly granted European/EU patents.

Once all relevant provisions have finally been decided on, we will inform you an relevant procedural aspects. However, by virtue of our German business address, we are confident that we shall also be entitled to work on EU patents post-grant, at the bar of the new institutitons being currently set up in Paris and London.