• We maintain an office address in the city of Basel, Switzerland, in proximity of the French and German border and at the heart of the Swiss chemical industry- we consider Switzerland being our home turf in fact. Pls. cp. the `Home` page left for contact details.

  • Dr. Reiss-Hürlimann is a duly accredited Swiss Patent and Trademark Attorney, beside being a European Patent Attorney.

  •  https://www.ige.ch/en/service/patent-attorneys/register-of-patent-attorneys.html 

Training CV Dr. Reiss:  

1988/90     Chemistry Study (Vordiplom), U. Tuebingen /Germany

1993          Dipl. Natw. (Chem.) ETH Zurich, Organic Chemistry and Polymer Chemistry/

                  Biophysics , diploma project at  ETH Lab. of Organic Chemistry

1994/1997 Dr. sc. nat., ETH Zurich

1998/99     Postgraduate 6-m full time Study Certificate in Intellectual Property,

                  ETH Zurich

                  Commercial and Patent Law , related areas (e.g. Swiss International Private

                  Law, Unfair Competition, Copyright, Contract Law) 

  -  training as a patent attorney candidate, bar exams -  

2006/2007 Dipl. European Patent Litigation, Ceipi/epi professional education for PA,

                   U. Strabourg Law School

2008/2010 regular LLB distance law study, Nottingham Trent University Law School / UK

                  intermediate level one /English case law method, contract & tort law


From 1999 to mid-2000, Dr. Reiss  worked as a patent attorney in Swiss private practice, thereafter joining top tier chemical industry as an in-house patent attorney up to 2011. All above said legal training during this time took place on-the-job.

Under the 2011  inaugurated Swiss Federal rules of court procedure for both criminal and civil law, Dr. Reiss enjoys as a Swiss Patent Attorney the same  legal privilege as do Swiss lawyers/attorneys-at-law, incl. work-product privilege, commensurate with e.g. UK or  US law.   cp. www.admin.ch .

  • Our firm is entitled to file applications for patent, design or trademark with the Swiss Patent Office, to file for trademark opposition, or to represent you before the newly inaugurated  federal Swiss patent court. Dr. G. Reiss-Hürlimann is  registered  as an  admitted representative on the bar roll kept at the Swiss Federal Patent Court at St. Gallen,Switzerland, pursuant  to Art. 4 of the Court Rules (based on Art. 29 Federal Patent Attorney Act -  www.bpatger.ch, phone +41 58 705 20 10).

  • Further we are entitled to fully represent you  on appeal on trademark registration /opposition - at the Swiss Federal Administrative court, housed in the same building at St. Gallen/CH as the Swiss Patent Court. By privileged electronic and other communication channels, our firm may make submissions to the Federal Courts taking effect the same day.

  • Our Swiss Office is in the centre of the city of Basel (right next to the main station, 3-4 min. footwalk - exiting main station to the central city plaza, turn downhill direction to Heuwaage/our office is immediately opposite the central police station):
  • Reiss-Hürlimann - Patentanwalt (CH)

  • Office address: Office Center/ 5th floor, Innere Margarethenstr. 5, CH-4051 Basel /Switzerland

  • Tel.: +41-(0)79 157 02 78 (Voice Mail)  - meetings on appointment only
  • Email: reisshuerlimann_patent@bluewin.ch
  • Skype: gilles-reiss5  
  • Important notice: Our business clients in Switzerland enjoy VAT exemption as regards us, compliant with  both German and Swiss  tax laws - our billing is freed from applying any VAT charge (0%).